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“Getting back to our roots” …if there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us… community is key and we need each other more than ever before.


In 2020 we got outdoors more (I rode a bike for the first time since my childhood), we spent more time with our immediate families outside of just being stuck in the house when a hurricane was passing through, and we became really clear on what was most important to us…community!!!


This year we want to honor all of the women who persevered over the past year… who still kept community programming in tact, who made record numbers and who worked often times without accolades and recognition. We want to honor you…you all are the roots of this community…you kept us all grounded when the world turned upside down. You persevered and you inspired and we salute you!!!


Women on the Rise Orlando Awards are open to all women within the Orlando Metro area. All nominations must be sent via the website by filling out the form provided. We will not accept any nominations from any other platform.

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A nominee may be nominated by someone else or they may self nominate. Nominees will be notified the first week of September and are asked to submit additional information and Headshot. Finalist selection is by a panel of judges for a maximum of 5 finalists per category except if there is a tie. All finalists will be invited to the Gala as our Special Guest (no need to purchase a ticket).

Before you nominate someone, we suggest you let that person know. Decide which category fits them best. Then, fill out the form pointing out at least 3 reasons you think they deserve to win the award. Make sure to get that nominees full bio, accolades and community involvement before filling out the form.


Nominees are encouraged to engage with us on social media using #WomenontheRiseOrlando #ConnectFord and @WomenontheRiseInc

Winners will be announced at the Gala.

  1. Deeva to Watch – Emerging Leader that has made significant contributions to their profession and their community and has attained leadership positions within their organizations.

  2. Inspirational Deeva – Deeva doing charitable or not for profit work in empowering women and girls.

  3. Top In Real Estate  - Top producing Real Estate Agent and/or Broker showing strong commitment to their profession while also staying active within their community.

  4. Entrepreneur Deeva – Women who has succeeded in building their own business.

  5. Talented Deeva – Singers, performers, entertainer, TV or Radio personalities, professional make-up artists and hair stylists. Please provide links to video

  6. Young Achiever (College Deeva) – Young women between 18 and 21 who have made achievements in business, academics, community service, charitable giving or volunteer work. A scholarship will be awarded to this young lady.

  7. Deeva Influencer – These are people who are challenging the status quo, influencing change in careers, public and social media, community, politics, etc. They can be said to have more visibility and their voices are often heard more than others.

  8. Leading Deeva in Tech – Women in tech who are making strives in technology and business in the male dominated field of technology.

  9. Top Educator – This Deeva contributes back to the community by serving our young people in the classroom offering spirit and imagination.

  10. Community Impact Leader – This Deeva understands the value in community and knows that a part of a full life is to reach back and give to others. This Deeva takes it upon herself to share her time, values, knowledge, network and empower other young women or peers in the community through a mentor/mentee relationship.

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The Women on the Rise Awards Gala started in 2017 as a desire to celebrate the unsung heroines in the community who were making positive impact and driving change. Our Founder  created the First Gala using her own personal savings with no sponsorship support and celebrated over 50 women in one night. It was a magical evening to see so many women celebrated and acknowledged for their efforts.


Over the years we have made amazing connections with companies like Ford Motor Company that wholeheartedly believes in empowering the women of our community by connecting with organizations like ours and allowing for us to continue to make those connections with women in our community. It is companies like this that stand behind change and show through their actions and support that they are here to help each of us pursue our dreams. We are grateful and thankful to Ford and look forward to driving this to the Finish Line!!!!

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