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The 7th Annual Women on the Rise Awards Gala is an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge women here in Central Florida that are making exceptional contributions to their community and profession. We welcome you to partner with us in our goal to celebrate our female community leaders. The Gala is not only an opportunity to celebrate the women within our community, but it is also an opportunity to inspire women of the community to take on new challenges - both professionally and personally. As a result, our communities thrive allowing for continued growth and development. 

Our Inaugural Gala in May of 2017 was a sold out event and honored over fifty women. We encouraged the community to visit our website and nominate a local female resident for one of the 11 awards we were presenting and we received 150+ nominations. The gala has continued to grow both in popularity and as a respected event for acknowledging local leaders. In this packet, there are many opportunities where you can partner with us on this event to show your commitment and support to women's empowerment and to the mission of Women on the Rise International, Inc. and the community.


Women on the Rise Awards are open to all women within the Orlando Metro area. All nominations must be sent via the website by filling out the form provided. We will not accept any nominations from any other platform.

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  1. Emerging Leader Award – Emerging Leader that has made significant contributions to their profession and their community and has attained leadership positions within their organizations.

  2. Inspirational Leader Award – A woman doing charitable or not for profit work in empowering women and girls.

  3. Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Women who have succeeded in building their own business.

  4. STEAM Award – Women who have excelled in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 

  5. Young Achiever Scholarship Award – This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior or young woman who is college bound or currently in college (trade school, etc.) who has achieved in business, academics, community service, charitable giving or volunteer work.  A scholarship will be awarded to this young lady.

  6. Educational Impact Leader of the Year – This Educator contributes back to the community by serving our young people in the classroom (pre-school, K-12, and learning centers) offering spirit and imagination while driving results.

  7. Community Impact Leader – The Community Impact Award is given to a woman who has made significant impact in the Central Florida Area. This impact must be so significant that it changed the trajectory of the community and or the lives of the people in the community.

  8. Social Impact Award - These are opinion drivers, movers and people who are challenging the status quo, influencing change in careers, public and social media, community, politics, etc. They can be said to have more visibility and their voices are often heard more than others.

  9. Mental Health Visionary Award - The recipient of this award is someone who, through innovative approaches and compassionate advocacy, has made a profound impact on improving mental health care, promoting well-being, and empowering individuals facing mental health challenges.

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The Women on the Rise Awards Gala started in 2017 as a desire to celebrate the unsung heroines in the community who were making positive impact and driving change. Our Founder created the First Gala using her own personal savings with no sponsorship support and celebrated over 50 women in one night. It was a magical evening to see so many women celebrated and acknowledged for their efforts.


Highlight and Celebrate Female Excellence

Silver Sponsorship (Custom Award Opportunity) $5,000 (Limit 3)


Join us as a Silver Sponsor for the Women on the Rise Awards Gala and seize the opportunity to honor exceptional women who are making a difference both professionally and in their communities. This exclusive sponsorship tier allows your company to present an esteemed award at the Gala to a remarkable female staff member who exemplifies outstanding career achievements and a strong commitment to community service.


As a Silver Sponsor, your company will enjoy prominent recognition and high visibility throughout the event, aligning your brand with the celebration of female empowerment and leadership. 


This sponsorship package includes:


  1. Award Presentation: Your company will have the privilege of presenting a prestigious award to a deserving female employee during the awards ceremony, acknowledging her exceptional accomplishments and community contributions. This meaningful gesture will highlight your commitment to supporting women's success and showcasing role models within your organization.

  2. Brand Exposure: Your company logo and name will be prominently displayed on various event materials and official Gala program. This extensive visibility will reinforce your brand's association with the Women on the Rise Awards Gala and demonstrate your dedication to empowering women in the workplace.

  3. VIP Experience: As a Silver Sponsor, you and your distinguished guests will receive premium seating (Table of 10) during the Gala, ensuring a front-row experience to witness the inspiring stories of successful women. Additionally, you will have exclusive access to the VIP reception, offering valuable networking opportunities with influential professionals, community leaders, and other prominent sponsors.

  4. Media Coverage: Benefit from enhanced exposure through media coverage and press releases surrounding the Women on the Rise Awards Gala. Your company's participation and sponsorship will be highlighted, reaching a wider audience and showcasing your commitment to promoting women's achievements.

  5. Digital Recognition: Maximize your online presence with a dedicated social media shout-out, recognizing your company's support and involvement in the Women on the Rise Awards Gala. This acknowledgment will be shared across our official social media platforms, amplifying your reach and engagement with diverse audiences.


By becoming a Silver Sponsor, you will play an integral role in uplifting women in the workforce, inspiring future generations, and fostering positive change within your organization and the wider community. 


Join us at the Women on the Rise Awards Gala and let your brand shine as a champion of female excellence. If interested in this opportunity, please e-mail We appreciate your support.

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